Movement Journal – Week 6

I really enjoyed this week’s lesson by Jackie, Lexi, Katy, and Brianna. They had a great lesson and did a wonderful job of not just telling us, but showing us some examples of outdoor environment lessons. Lexi’s station with “mine field” is a great team-building activity that could be done indoors, but moving outside brings a new level of fun and excitement. It’s so important for students to have an opportunity to go outside and be active throughout the day. This encourages both physical and mental health.

I also loved that we learned how to incorporate other curricular areas into alternate environments. Katy’s station with the planes could incorporate science or math, while still allowing children to be outside and active. Jackie’s station was a great way to include art, environmental studies, and physical education within a lesson. We all know that Physical Education classes are important for children…I liked that this week’s lesson focused on the importance of physical activity and being outdoors across all classes. As teachers, we should try to bring classes outdoors as much as we can. I remember as a kid, we were rarely allowed to go outside during class, but I always loved class whenever we did. Moving class to alternative environments is a great way to make students more interested and involved, while also allowing students to include more physical activity in their day.

One thought on “Movement Journal – Week 6”

  1. I totally agree, this was my favourite week of PE as well. It definitely had to do with being outside all morning in the beautiful sunshine and would have been quite a different experience in the rain. Planning for alternate environment activities can be challenging this way. I like how at the end of the lesson, Steve got us thinking about where there were areas of shelter that we could have done the same activities had the weather not been so good. It was good to think about, because in this climate, if we want to be outside we are going to have to come to terms with the rain. Like you and others have said, I also really like the idea of cross-curricular learning in an alternate environment. There are so many real world applications to classroom content in the outdoors, and taking a class out to find them can be really refreshing. I think real world application is one teaching strategy that can enhance the learning environment. That and changing up the environment. It can be challenging at first I am sure to learn to teach in a different setting, but very rewarding in the end for both the students and the teacher.

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