Outdoor education! Go outside!

This week was outdoor education with lisa, audrey, christina and christine. I enjoyed this lesson and love watching people shine when they are teaching something they love – that was very evident in this class today.

Outdoor education can be overwhelming but we reviewed safety concerns, risk assessments, behavior expectations and boundaries. The activities were all well thought out and organized. I played prey and predator on a class field trip to the wetlands and it was a great example of incorporating pe into all aspects of a lesson. It was fun and we remember a lot through drama, movement and engagement. I feel less overwhelmed by outdoor education because of this lesson.

BC has so many opportunities forcreating experiential education opportunities. We learn so much more and internalize the information when we are given a chance to interact with nature. My practicum school is very close to the seawall, i plan to teach my students outdoors in my local, urban, beautiful setting. In the city it is so easy to feel trapped by all of the buildings and cars and it is important for us to show our kids places where they can feel connected to nature.

We can collect and analyze ocean rocks, kelp, sand and mussel shells. We can make art projects with leaves. We can study the snails, worms and spiders. We can play in the park. Connecting to the land is a part of who we are and outdoor education is very important.

I hope everyone feels empowered, educated and inspired to take their kids outside all the time! Inquiry based education depends on these real life experiences!

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