October 21 Reflection- Emily

I really think the gymnastics group did such an awesome job with their lesson last Wednesday. I think gymnastics might be one of the more difficult topics we will have to cover, but after our last session I saw some ideas I can definitely see myself using if I have to teach a gymnastics class. Learning the fundamental skills of balance again made me think about how it might be to teach a gymnastics class to much younger children. I remember the group who was running the team teach felt like they were repeating themselves a lot with their directions, but that kind of repetition is absolutely necessary when working with younger students. Another thing to remember is the safety issues when working with all of the gymnastics equipment. I thought the group kept us in line and safe for the whole lesson and managed to make things fun for us too. I really liked that they incorporated a cooperative activity for teaching us balance as well. Gymnastics is usually such an independent sport, but it was fun to work together on it too in this kind of setting.

This lesson also made me think back to when I used to do gymnastics as a child. I don’t remember ever doing a gymnastics unit in school, but I did it outside of school and absolutely loved it. Looking back I can say that I really like the way gymnastics develops basic fundamental skills such as balance, and I think it should be included in the curriculum for this reason. Looking forward to this week’s lesson!

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