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My kye7e (gramma) used to tell us that everything that we need is outside, whether we want entertainment, food, clothes anything and everything is out there for us to share. However i think as a society we have moved away from that philosophy to the point where it has become harmful for some which is in regards to the unhealthy desire to just stay inside always.

Some will say that everything we need is inside, how could we possibly need to or even want to go outside. I even saw a movie based in the 2000’s about a group of newly graduated twenty somethings employed in Calgary having a bet to stay inside for one year, only using the plus fifteens to get back and forth from work and to entertainment and for food. I thought to myself that i would lose immediately that I couldn’t handle not going outside.

I love being outside so much and I would enjoy the chance to share that with my students and anyone who would care to listen. In fact in my community a man has started up a group where they drive out into the forest once a week for an afternoon and just spend the day, whether it hunting or just hiking they spend the day together and for their health. The benefits have yet to be measured but I bet they will be good in the long run.

So how would this fit into any teaching or lessons that i would develop in the future? well I will try to go outside as much as I can and even bring some of the lessons outside too, cross curricular stylez, YO! Like my Kye7e once said, everything that you could ever need is outside, you just have to go out there and look.

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  1. Hi Ken!

    Great post, I really enjoyed reading it and hearing about your thoughts on outdoor ed and your personal take on the importance of getting outside. I totally agree with you that our society is indoors too much, to the point where it is taking a toll on our health. I like how your Gramma views the outdoors, and I think it is an important message not only for children, but a reminder for us adults as well.

    I really related to what you said about Calgary. I lived there last year and it boggled my mind that many people would go days on end without going outside. From their homes to their cars to the underground parking lot at work and the +15 walkways between buildings… to be honest it freaks me out!

    I also agree with you in regards to loving to be outside, and encouraging others to do so. Your example of the group in your community that goes for outdoor adventures weekly reminded me of an my outdoor education experience in high school, and the importance of having mentors/teachers to encourage getting outside. I participated in an outdoor ed school called TREK where we essentially spent the first half of our grade 10 year covering the curriculum goals, and the other half learning about sustainability and going on outdoor trips (up to 9 days long). This program was a highlight of my schooling career, and reminds me of the power of getting outside. It sounds like outdoor education will be part of both of our philosophies as elementary teachers. This perspective will also help us and our students develop and sustain a more positive relationship with our communities.

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