Weekly Journal Post #4

Today we learned about educational gymnastics. I had a great time moving around and exploring the space, and especially enjoyed playing with the parachute and planning our group dance. One of the guiding questions this week is: What are the legal responsibilities of educators in a range of movement contexts? We discussed in my group that as educators, we are responsible to find out and acknowledge any challenges our student may be facing in regards to carrying out certain movements in PE. We are responsible for catering to the various levels of movement that our students may have, by providing a range of movements– from low to high challenge. Encouraging students to push themselves is important, but allowing them to engage in challenge by choice is even more important. The answers to this guiding question go hand in hand with the following guiding question: What ideas are used to create a safer, inclusive and respectful environment? Challenge by choice is another major point under this question, as is respecting that students possess many different levels of ability when it comes to movement.  To create a safer and inclusive environment, providing various levels to a lesson should be implemented, as well as giving oral and visual demonstrations of how movements should be conducted.

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