Week 7 Gymnastics

This was a great class!

I always loved gymnastics as a kid and would do cartwheels around the field for hours, more often than not I would be doing cartwheels or handstands all day long!
I didn’t know how to approach this as a subject in PE and don’t think I ever did it in my own PE classes but this was a great way to teach gymnastics safely and effectively. I liked the progression activity where we practiced different ways of moving through space (walking, rolling and spinning). This is an accessible definition of gymnastics and one that does not involve twisted ankles and sports injuries. Gymnasts are often seen as very small, elite athletes and it was a lot of fun to play around with gymnastics without the pressure of being an elite athlete. I will definitely try out these lessons in my classes.

The balance activities with partners and in groups was also very effective. Line Tag with bean bag balancing was another great version of tag. Students were engaged just by trying to balance the bean bag and stay on the lines.
The parachute was also a lot fun – can’t wait to do this in practicum!

It was also great to see everyone so happy in this class. There was a lot of cheering and risk taking going on when we all did our own versions of cartwheels, shoulder rolls and log rolls. Great job class!
(Everything I have to say this week is positive!)

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