Movement Journal on Dance and Gymnastics

I really enjoyed the gymnastics and dance this week, both groups did a fantastic job!

I was super impressed that the dance group incorporated technology into their group-teach. I had never associated physical education with digital literacy, so to see how it was used both through a headset when running an activity (made listening much easier) and when sorting us into groups through an iPad app, was very cool. I am not very tech savvy, so I think I will definitely start looking into some of the apps they shared with us on the hand-out and consider how I could better incorporate technology into lesson plans. I really liked the sorting app as it was much faster than counting out teams of 4.

I enjoyed the group discussion for gymnastics. Our group talked about liability and safety because gymnastics can be a riskier unit to run as there is more equipment and chance for injury. As a future teacher, I have to really consider the environment I am choosing for the lesson and how I want to best set up the activity so that it is inclusive and adaptable for all of the different students’ capabilities. Some examples include setting up the gym in a way that you can observe all of your students (using half a gym), and using padding on the floor around balance beams and equipment where there is a chance someone may fall.

I also liked that both groups focused on scaffolding and building up to the different movements in step by step processes that allowed us to practice and feel comfortable before moving on.

One thought on “Movement Journal on Dance and Gymnastics”

  1. I was also very intrigued when they were talking about using technology in physical education. I have never thought about incorporating technology into a P.E class so it will be something fun to try out in the future.

    I agree that it’s important to make sure that your students are in a safe environment. Instead of shying away from teaching gymnastics, I think that we should encourage different types of physical activity and teach the children how to use the equipment safely. Lastly, I really enjoyed the dance team because they were so enthusiastic and they incorporated dance moves that many kids know (the whip and nae nae). I thought that both groups did a great job and they were very creative as well.

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