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I think both groups did an excellent job of presenting their lesson. They were both engaging and I had a lot of fun participating.

I found that the gymnastics group was very balanced out. I did not feel like I was doing the same thing in each of the four stations. For the forward roll and log roll it was demonstrated for us and then we got to practice it. If we had any problems there was feed back on how we could improve our rolls. When we did the front walk and crab walk we practiced a couple of times and then to challenge us they added a bean bag. I thought that was an interesting way to build on our skills and realized it takes a lot of concentration not to drop the bag. I liked how there were options for the  jumping technique. There was a higher and lower vaulting box to allow students at different levels to participate. Student’s could choose the box they felt more comfortable with and if they decided they wanted to challenge themselves they were given that option.  A student was not singled out for doing the lower box. They also incorportated that for the hoops. The student could either use both feet which was an easier task or one foot. The last station one for the bench really helped with a student’s balance. They had different variations of balance techniques and I liked how when the line for the backwards balance got too long it was immediately addressed and  you were allowed to skip that part so you were not standing around.

I learned in our discussion group that the wooden wall mounted gymnastics equipment is no longer used because of safety. I remember as a child how I really enjoyed playing on it especially when my teacher made obstacle courses where you had to climb over, under and swing on the rings. I understand that with so many children there are more chances of accidents’ happening so I see why they would want to get rid of it. It’s a shame though because it was a fun piece of equipment.

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  1. I found gymnastics particularly fun too! Each station was equally challenging and a new experience for most students. I think it was important that we discussed the safety issues as a class after the lesson. In a Physical Education class it will usually only be one teacher running class so figuring out a way to run four stations is important and difficult. However we all decided that cutting down on the danger factors in the jumping station and the balance station while having the teacher stand and demonstrate at the rolling station could work.
    I think for the balance station using the lines of the gym or taping lines down would be just as effective for practicing your balance as benches. As for the jumping station taking out the boxes would increase the safety to a level that a teacher could watch at a distance without worry. These small changes could make this activity possible for a teacher with the proper prep for each station.
    I really appreciated how the group was able to use humour as way to connect with the class. Being able to laugh with your students is a small yet important component that could very well decrease the stress and increase longevity of a teacher. I also find it easy to remember instruction if I think back to a moment that stands out because of comic relief.
    Safety in the gym is a constant struggle for a teacher. Because students are moving around and playing with elevated heart rates and often adrenalin, the chances of an accident is increased. Limiting injury through environment management and class management is going to be a teachers best tool for a physical education class to run smoothly.

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