dance like no ones watching!!!

This week was technology and dance. Both of those serve to make life more enjoyable, give some laughs and work to benefit all of mankind. However for the dance part it was both fun and funny, I have no soul nor any real moves. I wasn’t horrible but I wasn’t good either which says to me i either could spend some time working on my moves or perhaps loosen up, either way something needs to be done before I bust out anymore moves.

How could i as a teacher fit this into say my present situation as a teacher candidate for grade twos? Simply put on some music and let them go, let them examine their physicality as they not only express themselves but as they seek out emotion from within. i think this could be worked into a hip hop class with some other forms of movement and dance. Or perhaps one of the kids could introduce a dance from their culture or even have one of their family could come in and showcase and help lead a lesson in where their culture is celebrated. There could be so many ideas like a hoop dancer or some west coast dancers that could celebrate some local culture.

As for technology I think its nothing but a greatness that has yet to be explored to its boundaries, meaning that I think ideas such as fit-bit are just the beginning. The only problem with technology will always be cost especially when companies like apple are coming out with products every three months to replace the product you just purchased. Maybe that’s why you need to really reach out to the PAC committee and convince them that technology is where its at if they wish to have physically literate students.

Or perhaps just throw on a cd for them and let them dance instead!!!

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