Individual and Dual Sport Reflection – Track and Field

I thought our lesson on Individual Sport went pretty well. It was hectic and a bit last minute planning it, but the day of it felt like it flowed pretty seamlessly and I had fun teaching it. I contributed to the lesson some experience and enthusiasm for track and field. It was exciting for me to just be at the track. I did notice that the planning and teaching of an activity can differ greatly. I think until you’ve done an activity, you won’t be able to anticipate all of the hiccups that could occur in it. In the rabbits and roosters drill, I did not anticipate students being confused about which direction they were running so it was a little chaotic at first. I think that the skill progression was relayed however and it worked out in the end. Something we could do to change it might be have more of a visual cue to which team is running and a reminder which side is which before the start of each game. The learners responded really positively to the lesson. Everyone was enthusiastic and many students said they really enjoyed the pursuit relay part of the lesson. Many students also commented that even if they didn’t usually like running, they found it an enjoyable activity. It think that means that the activity did meet the needs of diverse learners, which is what we hoped for. The only thing I would change is some clarification in the rabbit and rooster game. There are several options to carry out that skill progression and it might be worth playing around with a few of them.

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  1. Megan,

    One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about this course is seeing the individual talents of our classmates. Vivian’s dancing, Klara’s gymnastics and now your track skills! And in writing this I realize that diversity was also the focus of the chapter! This was by far one of the most active lessons we’ve had this term. Although we were outside and needed to make use of the track, the activities were timely and had the right level of activity to keep us warm! The relay activity was well-designed, it allowed all individuals to decide their level of participation. I liked how you chose to scaffold the sprinting movements in the Rooster and Rabbit activity, although I felt that I was terrible at it, took me too long to decided if I was supposed to chase or run.

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