Movement Journal Week 8

When I heard that we were going to do track and field outside I was a bit worried because it has been very cold lately. However, once we went outside I had so much fun laughing during the warm-up activity. I also liked the rabbit and rooster game. The game trained us to pay attention because many people kept forgetting whether they were a rabbit or a rooster. They also taught us skills on how to run and the proper posture for running. I think my favorite activity would be the marching/sprinting relay. I noticed that a lot of teams were tired of marching and just resorted to walking afterwards. It would’ve been great if they added more explicit instructions. For example, blowing the whistle as a signal for people to alternate from marching and skipping every 2 minutes. I haven’t run in a while and it was fun to just do a short sprint. I also realized that we have lot of great runners in our class.

2 thoughts on “Movement Journal Week 8”

  1. I also shared some of the same feelings as Vivian when I heard that we were doing a track and field event. I thought that it would be competitive. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how Devon, Michelle, Megan and Jen set up our experience and they did a really good job in making it fun in a non-competitive way. I also saw the difficulty behind forgetting which side we were on which could cause difficulties for the primary students. However, we were using our memory to remember which side we were on and working on being quicker to react to figure out which way we should be running! I think the Team teach group did really well in explaining what 3 long whistles meant and that we could slowly walk back and wait for instruction.
    I realized that my students in my class have diverse needs and strengths which can only be showcased educators provide a balanced PE program that covers a variety of movements.
    I think that the four thinking points raised in the text are important in having me consider the teacher as ally, the student, the learning climate and the curriculum in the delivery of my PE program. In particular, I will implement strategies to ensure that no child feels excluded or unable to participate in the lesson. I feel one approach is getting to know my students and modifying the choice of the lessons/ unit plans accordingly.

  2. Vivian, your whistler blowing idea, to have the student alternate between marching and skipping, is a great modification. This would keep the students engaged throughout the lesson. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the relay. I found it was a great way to have everyone participate while keeping the competition to a minimum.
    The warm game was a fun game which can be used with all grades. It woke up our minds and bodies. Megan, Jen, Michelle and Devon were very thoughtful about making their track lesson inclusive. When I heard we were doing track I thought it was going to be a competitive lesson. I was delightfully surprised to find out this was not the case.

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