Diversity within Physical Education

Diversity within any education system is critical to understand. Diversity is the important structure that encourages people to be different and to love those differences. Within the Physical Education structure diversity is critical due to several reasons: physical disabilities,  socio-economic, gender, and religion. The main theme of diversity within the PE classroom is inclusion. Inclusion is the central notion that will remove negative stereotypes to create a safe place for all students.

Diversity in relation to physical disabilities has a painful history. Throughout the past people with disabilities have been victimized and ostracized from society. This history is the prime example to why it is important to create an inclusive and safe learning environment. Socio-economic diversity is clear within the public school system. Depending on the location of the school there can be students from a drastic different economic standing. This can lead to problems in the PE classroom if the students can not afford the equipment. Equal opportunities for all students is critical. Gender plays a large role within diversity for PE classroom due to the fact of preconceived society expectations for the genders. Females are viewed as weak compared to males, which creates discrimination within the class. Religion creates added diversity within the classroom. Students may abstain from certain activities due to their religious belief and it is important that educators are flexible to these needs.

Inclusion. The most important solution to creating a safe and diverse classroom. All students should feel safe and welcome no matter their diversity. Diversity should be seen as a strength within the classroom culture.

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