Session 10 (Physical and Health Literacy) – November 28, 2015 Movement Journal Comment

Well done to the physical and health literacy group this week! It was a lot of fun being offered choice to explore stations of interest and to pursue new stations or activities if we were curious. I think this ability to choose really allows students to engage more with the lesson as they cater to individual interests, skills, and strengths (or weaknesses). This lesson also did a great job in incorporating cross-curricular competencies and activities in order to demonstrate physical and health literacy, which is a great way to involve activity into other core subject matter. For example, the Spell Ball game was a great activity for students to work on their spelling, while incorporating other skills like passing, dribbling, and strategy.

The discussion in the smaller group settings also allowed for a dialogue to distinguish between DPA and PE. Daily Physical Activity is different from PE and should occur on every non-PE day for 30 minutes during the school day, extended to another 30 minutes outside of school. It is important for students and parents to understand the importance of activity and the positive outcomes it may have on your body. By implementing school based physical activity, we are able to prepare and encourage students to live physical and healthy lives, as well as to think alternatively about PE classes for students who may not consider themselves ‘athletes.’

Awesome job to the group for demonstrating how we are able to incorporate health and physical literacy in a cross-curricular manner!

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