PE Capstone

Today was the last day of class and it was a little bit sad to see it end. I am happy that Steve offered to come help teach/coach in our practicum schools – it would be so great to have him come into our class and model a great PE program. I feel like this course made every subject approachable and demonstrated all kinds of entry points for students regardless of physical ability or sports knowledge. His calm and approachable attitude to PE was inspiring.

In the beginning of the year I remember everyone being nervous about PE, or excited, to run laps and sports drills.  Turns out from day one this is not the case. We learned multiple ways to approach teaching our PE class and have the textbook and PE Blog as a resource. I hope someday I do get a chance to attend a PE Pro-D Workshop. As a kid I loved sports and believe it to be a powerful influence on who I am today. I also remember some bad, cliquey things we did in highschool that discouraged people from playing on the team with us because we wanted to win – but also learning in highschool that playing sports was about being active and having fun and not always winning. Although I like winning and working together as a team to develop our skills. This can only be done through great leadership and confidence building in every player. We can start this in our PE classes. I may have accidentally volunteered myself to coach a badminton team during practicum and I don’t want to mess this up.  I want to teach through modelling healthy choices and promote an active lifestyle in my classroom.

I   want schools to be involved having a positive impact on every childs physical literacy.  I want to use our brain breaks resource jar, as well as everyone else’s very creative lessons to reach our targets for Daily Physical Activity. I want to get my class outside. I will do my best.

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