Five-Minute Teach Lesson Plans – Sec 101

For lab #1, we prepared our five-minute lessons – something related to physical education, but requiring little to no equipment, time, or instruction. This page is for section 101 to upload their five-minute teach lesson plans,Β to share our bank of movements/games that we all experienced, and to keep as “back pocket” resources.

(You can also view the lesson plans from this activity for section 102 and section 107!)


Download the five-minute lesson plans here
Five Min. Teach Lesson Plans – Section 101

One thought on “Five-Minute Teach Lesson Plans – Sec 101”

  1. Sorry for the delay in sending this out. Days are flying by!

    Please find attached the 5 min teach template.

    Please do the following with this:

    1. Fill in the appropriate sections of the template online with your 5 min teach activity or lesson.
    2. Send the completed template to the following people based on your EDCP 320 section:

    a) EDCP Sec 101 – Send to Caitlin Sinclair Email:

    b) EDCP Sec 102 -Courtenay Houlden Email:

    3. Courtenay and Caitlin will upload to our blog in one document so that you can print for your resources. πŸ™‚
    4. Please also share your class photos from your section with Caitlin and Courtenay and they will be sure to add to the blog site as well.

    Our course blog:

    Thanks for your patience while we got this all sorted out.

    Be well!

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