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Movement Journal post on gymnastic and dance-Katy Machut

The two groups for gymnastics and dance did a great job this week! I really think that everyone did a very job in taking under consideration skill level and safety. For example, each activity was constructed in a way that would ensure student success and prevent frustrations.

Dance: The dance moves were nicely scaffolded so that we could slowly learn the moves over the course of the morning.

Gymnastics: the setup was done in such a way to ensure maximum safety around each station. Further, we were able to practice a variety of skills that were not normally associated with gymnastics. for instance, jumping with 1 foot into each of the hoola hoops in a particular order.

I also found it useful to use the app called “team shake” to allow all names to be randomized to allow for easy selection of teams. I don’t normally associate PE with technology, so it was a learning opportunity to hear some of the opportunities of how I as a teacher could incorporate it in this subject.

I also think I will use the egg-chicken-dinosaur game in my classroom in the future because this game fosters a sense of community and it is a lot of fun!