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Week 1 (Sept 9) Movement Journal – Maria

What were your own positive and negative experiences in Physical Education?

As I reflect back to my experiences in Physical Education my positive and negative experiences were heavily dependent on the teacher’s enthusiasm, the creativity in the curriculum and the motivation he or she could instil in their students. Moreover, when the teacher could create an environment that encouraged inclusiveness and one free of judgement. When these conditions were satisfied, it was very likely that I would have a positive Physical Education experience.

A negative Physical Education experience I had in the past was when it was time for student evaluations. For example, throughout high school, the ‘six lap run’ was one way in which teachers would evaluate our running ability each term. This assessment would in turn make up the majority of our grade for the term. Before every ‘six lap run’, I would have an immense amount of anxiety about whether I would be able to complete the run at a reasonable time. As I reflect back to this memory, I realize that this anxiety was unnecessary because I knew I was capable of running and performing at a successful pace. However, I always found this experience to be daunting because it was clearly visible who were the ‘stronger runners’ and who were the ‘weaker runners’ in the class. In comparison, when one receives their mark back for a Math test their grade is not publicly announced and shared with their classmates. This privacy in turn allows one to feel less ashamed or embarrassed about their grade and instead encourages room for improvement. I believe that if the teachers had provided more reassurance to their students, this run would not be something all students would dread throughout the year. As a prospective teacher, I hope to show encouragement, enthusiasm in all activities and to help all my students reach their individual goals. It will be my goal to ensure that each one of my students will have a positive Physical Education experience.