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Sept 30th Movement Journal – Ashley Wong

As we delve deeper into the school year, I’m beginning to notice that so much of our year will be spent learning from each other. I’ve spent much of our PE classes just observing and learning. I take note of what activities my classmates have come up with, how they instruct and what is they are hoping to accomplish in the short 45 minute lesson. I’m starting to realize it takes a lot of work, organizing and thought to carry out these lessons. I use to think that PE was just a way of getting kids active, but in hindsight it’s really about building a child’s character, confidence, teamwork with others and physical literacy, and it’s up to as a educators that the activities we employ foster that.

My group lesson isn’t for another couple of weeks, but as I think about it more –there are so many details that I still have to fine-tune with my group members. For example, what activities we want to cover, how we want to divvy the lesson between our group members, the ways in which we want to instruct the activities, and how we are going to organize the class during the lesson. I only hope that creating and organizing lesson plans gets easier with time and practice. With our regular school visits beginning this week, a question I’d like to ask my SA is at what point does creating lesson plans become second nature? Hopefully they’ll be able to impart some wisdom that I will happily share with my cohorts!