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Movement Journal- Week 6

Lexi, Brianna, Katy and Jackie did very well today for outdoor education. Their instant activity “Cite Possible” was very interesting and informative. We got to move around, interact with strangers and explore nature. I was in Katy’s group during discussion, and she led the summary and discussion very well. Instead of giving us a lot of information once, she used many questions to keep our attention and stimulate us to think about the textbook content. For the main activity, I loved all four stations. Katy’s lesson on Air was helpful; I learned about many properties or air which would usually ignore or take for granted. In Lexi and Brianna’s stations, we learned about the importance of team work and supporting each other. Finally, Jackie’s station was fun and meaningful, and it was clever how she tied it in with the aboriginal content. Making art with leaves, wood, and other objects from nature can be adapted in both primary and intermediate classrooms, either in art, PE or even science classes. Overall, I think the class today was very well done and helpful, and I will definitely use some of the lessons they taught in my practicum. Good job ladies! 🙂

Week 6 Movement Journal

This week was my most enjoyed class of the year so far for this class. I realize that this is a big statement, and even coming from me being someone who loves playing sports and games in P.E. classes. But I loved the way that this group used the outdoors and proved the ousdoors are an effective way to teach your class, an outdoor classroom. It was also great way for us to get to know our campus surrounding better as well. For instance, the upside-down tree and the echo circle, the flag pole and the rose garden were all things we were able to see during our class outside. These are all structures which could be used to teach a lesson on, outside of the classroom and outside of Physical Education. For instance, the upside-down tree could be used in a science class to learn and understanding as to how tress are able to survive through this process. Or the echo circle could be used in a science class as well, learning the way in which soundwaves work. These are huge inquiry ideas as well, giving students the opportunity to wonder and ask questions to go and test it out for themselves and research it. Therefore, this group proved that teaching outside proves to help teach cross-curricular. Thank you so much to this group for their hard work and preparation on their group teach, and thanks for bring up the expectations :p