SMU issues extensive rape chant report; UBC shirks accountability for same #ubc #ubcsauderschool #mba #bcpoli #bced #yteubc

by Stephen Petrina on December 19, 2013

Saint Mary’s University issued an extensive report today on a rape cheer chanted by students in early September. In the 110 page report, SMU President Colin Dodds placed accountability at the top: “I accept that I and the university administration have a role to oversee and guide student leaders. We failed that responsibility.”

Virtually the same rape cheer chanted by a group of Sauder School of Business students at the  University of British Columbia in September was given a superficial and cursory investigation and report. UBC’s report spans barely over 5 pages and has 0 mention of administration. Three months later, Sauder administrators are sighing relief that they all escaped accountability. To this moment, not a single administrator, and there are many in Sauder, has been held accountable in any way. At Sauder, at UBC, at the top it remains Business as usual.