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by Stephen Petrina on September 24, 2015

Simon Fraser University is rockin its 50th birthday while the University of British Columbia is trying desperately to throw a 100th, but unable to send out invitations on account of a secret agreement to not disclose the time or location.

Think of the loud, talkin bout my generation frenzied crazy house party of 1965 versus the slow, quiet waltz where no one makes it to the gymnasium in 1915. Think of the all night surfin barefoot beach party of 1965 versus the reserved colonial cricket club afternoon meet-n-greet of 1915. Think of James Brown I feel good blowin the roof off campus in 1965 versus the somber timbre of the barbershop boys crooning at the Great Trek tea sandwich lunch break in 1915.

Jealous? Yes we are!

Yes, you bet, SFU is partyin down while threatening to lockout its Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU) from the gig. If TSSU’s Teaching Assistants (TAs), Tutor Markers (TMs), and English Language & Culture and Interpretation & Translation Instructors can’t even get to the keg in the kitchen, they might as well just picket the party again.

Sounds like fun inside and out, in 1965 and 2015, partying and picketing at SFU!

At UBC, we’re still wondering if President Gupta said he would open the doors to the gym and give a toast at the waltz. Non-disclosure. Guess we may never know what he planned for the big event.

Please SFU, dear Mr. Fantasy, take us out of this gloom, get UBC out of this funk. Merge with us! If we were SFUBC we could rock a 150 years total party and have a blowout mixer with with Cornell, gangnam style, or a rave!

Think About It (remember when President Piper rocked that brand?) if we were SFUBC we could share executives. One President presiding over SFUBC, throwin down raucous, all nighters on both campuses, at the same time. 150 is way better than 50 and you bet better than 100.