Week 1 Discussion

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Please comment on one or more of these questions (feel free to also add other things you want to discuss):

  • Is there any such thing as a safe, open digital learning environment? Consider your reflections on trust and privacy after exploring varied perspectives on Speaking Openly an open, curated discussion on privacy in the open from the Digital Media Lab in the UK.
  • David Wiley’s question: “What can you do in the context of open that you couldn’t do before?”
  • What’s your biggest challenge in designing for open?


The pic-a-mix of open education

  Week 1 thoughts: An awesome and informative week learning about open pedagogy with details of the course right here: http://blogs.ubc.ca/teachwordpress/week-1-discussion/ The webinar by Amanda Coolidge and Tracy Kelly was super and made me think about open pedagogy really for the … Continue reading

Open course design challenges (#TWP15)

  One of the questions for the weekly discussion for week 1 of Teaching with WordPress is: “What’s your biggest challenge in designing for open?” I have several course websites on WordPress, and one of the challenges I’ve faced in designing each of them is determining just where to put things and how to hierarchize […]

Getting Started With Open Pedagogy

So my summer course, “How the Web Works: Building Your Digital Identity, Literacy, and Network,” starts next week for a seven-week run at Austin College. Strictly speaking, it’s not an “online” course…we don’t do those at Austin College. And we don’t really do “hybrid” or “blended” courses, either. We’re a small liberal arts college, and one of our signature themes is a high-touch interactive relationship among faculty and students. So while I’m working with the new initiative in digital pedagogy, it’s not a matter of trading class time for screen time, but rather of augmenting f2f with digital resources. Right … Read more

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A bit about designing for open…

Some great discussion during the Open Pedagogy webinar earlier today about learning, design (pedagogy) and open. As soon as we have a link to the archive, we’ll post it on our Week 1 schedule. I thought this would be a good time to add to the discussion about designing open learning environments. If you managed […]

Week 1: Launching TWP15!

Welcome to Teaching with WordPress! We are a small, but mighty group for our first run at this and we’re looking forward to learning with you! Here are a few things that we think you might find helpful: Collaborative learning and lasting connections This is an open, online course for anyone who wants to connect […]

What Is Connectivism?

George Siemens, is an educator and theorist in the field of digital learning and is the author of the article “Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age” and the book “Knowing Knowledge“. He provides an overview of connectivism in this short interview for the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. More on Connectivism: […]

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