Week 9 reflection – 3 Guiding Questions – Cheryl B

How do I plan, participate in, and advocate for School Based Physical Activity?
-Ensure that PE classes for my students are well-planned so each student is moving for much of the class.
-Take body breaks.
-Take my class outside often for intercurricular learning.
-Help to plan and run intramural activities.
-Share ideas for active learning with other teachers.

How do I support lifelong learning in health and physical education?
-Expose students to opportunities to participate in a variety of well planned activities, including bringing in other skilled people to teach and lead activities.
-Ask questions about students’ goals for their lives, find out what they already enjoy and what they enjoy about it, get students to suggest and lead activities and connect with people in the community to encourage healthy activity and living.

What is DPA and how is it different from PE?
DPA is daily physical activity. DPA extends past the PE class to involve activity both in and out of school, and beyond the gym and field at school. For some students, this includes extracurricular and interscholastic activities. It could also include playground time and activity breaks in the non-PE classroom time. In some provinces, adequate DPA time is mandated during the school day.

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