The Afrikaner – Release date: April 1, 2019

Her life is no different from that of many other white-born children of this continent: She invaded Africa, grew in her womb, was raised by her and learned to love her as if she were her real mother, no matter how dysfunctional the womb might turn to be (The Afrikaner).

The Afrikaner: an overview

Zoe is a trained fossil hunter who escapes the segregation and violence of Johannesburg for the big sky of the Kalahari Desert. In the hostile desert she searches for the earliest remains of humans in Africa, but she also learns about the ancient knowledge of the local Bushmen. Her brother, Andre, runs the old family winery near Cape Town where she learns about her own Afrikaans family history and its secrets. The realistic discussions about the social and political divisions in South Africa among the White, the Coloured and the Black communities have many parallels with the social conflicts in the US and Canada. What does multiculturalism mean in these different countries? Will Zoe locate evidence of early human ancestors? Will she find answers to her own troubled life?


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