A different ending… and a new story!

Dear readers,  

I am proposing here a kind of literary game. Once you have finished the book, please feel free to provide your feedback and, most importantly, your ideas about an alternative ending or a possible sequel to The Afrikaner.

My idea is that a literary work is never set in stone (or paper, for that matter). Out there, in the Quantum Space Of (literary) Creativity (QUSPOC, pronounce: kewspoc), there exist infinite possible versions – and thus endings and sequels – of any given story.

Thus, you are welcome to give The Afrikaner an afterlife or a second life through a different ending, or through a whole new sequel.

Everyone can participate in this collective game of words and imagination!

Just post your ideas and suggestions here (or send me an email: aridag at me doc com) and I will add them to its dedicated page!


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