The Audiobook of the Afrikaner: An excerpt

I am very pleased to present an excerpt from the audiobook of my novel The Afrikaner, which chronicles a young #Afrikaner woman’s journey of #selfdiscovery post #apartheid.
South African voice actor Dennis Kleinman did a wonderful job in giving memorable voices to all the characters in the novel. I couldn’t have found a better narrator to bring Zoe’s story to life in its audio version, which launches in April 2021 on all the major platforms, from Audible to Apple Books. Looking forward to receiving the listeners’ feedback! ????
Synopsis of The Afrikaner: When a car-jacking in #Johannesburg leads to the death of her colleague and lover, Zoe du Plessis, a #paleontologist of #Afrikaner origin, is confronted with her family’s secret. As she heads for the #Kalahari Desert in search of early #humanfossils, Zoe embarks on an inner journey into the sense of guilt haunting her people. Meaningful encounters with a San #Bushman shaman, a legendary but troubled writer, a Zulu Border War veteran, and her ancestors’ diaries will reshape her sense of identity. #audiobooks#narration#voiceoverartist#voiceovertalent#southafrica
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