Common names: Lycopodium, Prickly thrift

Synononyms: Acantholimon tibeticum Hook.f. & Thomson ex C.B.Clarke; Armeriastrum lycopodioides (Girard) Kuntze; Statice lycopodioides Girard (RBG Kew, 2020)

Family: Plumbaginaceae

Information: Described online a compact, spiny (prickly) shrub with cushion form, this species is native to Afghanistan north to NW Xinjiang and the Western Himalaya (RBG Kew, 2020).

Ethnobotany: Used locally to treat cardiac disorders and and muscle pain (Hussain et al. 2020 and references therein).

Photos: Top: near Ghondoghoro Glacier, ca. 4350 m, 35° 35′ 7″ N, 76° 22′ 21″ E; 35.585278, 76.3725.  By K. Hewitt, 2008 during glacier research described in, eg, Mountain Research and Development 2011

Bottom: Arid valley wall along Baumharel valley leading to surveyed transect, ca 3600 m. N. Hewitt, July 25, 2016.


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