563BC67C-97B9-4210-981F-D464867BCE2BSpecies with yellow blossom

Updated nomenclature: species is a synonym of: Potentilla crantzii (Crantz) Beck ex Fritsch (WFO 2021)



Leaf at centre (white blossom is Cerastium sp.) is Potentilla
May be P. cuneata. Yellow blossom at centre; Blossom at left is Rhodiola sp.

Common name: Fan-leaf cinquefoil; Fringeleaf cinquefoil

Family: Rosaceae


Photos: Top: Ghongohoro Glacier, ca. 4800 m. K. Hewitt, 2008.

2nd Photo:  Thalle valley along transect at Mir Khun slope; Rock outcrops and steep sloping terrain, ca. 4150 m. July 16, 2016. N. Hewitt

3rd, 4th, 5th photos: [location/date TBD]. K. Hewitt

Sources and additional resources:

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WFO (2021): World Flora Online. Published online at: http://www.worldfloraonline.org. Accessed on: 10 Jul 2021