Notes: Top photo: both are the same species with variable flower petal colors Allardia stoliczkai C.B.Clarke. (is a synonym for the ambiguousWaldheimia stoliczkai (C. B. Clarke) Ostenf.; Waldheimia is the genus used for some Allardia species in Polunin and Stainton (1999)

Alternatively, species with white blossoms may be: Allardia tomentosa (Decne); and it resembles Anthemis altissima L. Missouri Bot Gard (2021); A. cotula (Stinking mayweed), but these two species both occur at lower elevations.

Common name: Mayweed

Family: Compositae

Information: “Habitat: Alpine zone species, occurring above 3500 m in gravelly sands among small stones in the vicinity of melting snow and glaciers… Distribution: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (Himachal Pradesh), China (Western Tibet), Central Asia (Tian Shan, Pamir Alai and Kirgiz ranges)” (Miss Bot Gard 2021).

Photos: Main: Skinmang Glacier, ca. 4550 m. K. Hewitt, 2009

Bottom: a slope top in Thalle valley on a peak to the west of and above Mir Khun transect slopetop (collection made by local shepherd and guide Ibrahim), July 15, 2016. N. Hewitt [photo DSC 0296]

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