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Bijan Haz Talent

Oh, readers. Taylor here, a year older now, hungover, and literally coming off the most sparkly weekend of my life. To nurse my headache, I can’t stop watching Bijan and Toope’s duet from UBC’s Got Talent.

I had the pleasure of celebrating the fruit of my parents loins (myself) by attending the fruit of Bijan’s loins (UBC’s Got Talent) at the Chan Centre where we consumed copious amounts of alcohol, danced in the aisles, and left at intermission. UBC’s Got Talent was horrible, from what I remember at least. Despite being “sold out” there was a lot of vacant seats, and the talent was quite awful.

However, Bijan sang with Toope. And oh my god, it was AMAZING. Now Bijan, we’re not taking back every bad thing we’ve ever said about you, but you are fucking awesome in this video. Tipsy, maybe, but still awesome. Our friend sitting beside us says that his shirt looks like someone jizzed all over it before he went onstage, but whatever. Watch and enjoy, especially the tender hug at the end.

YouTube Preview Image

This Is Very Peculiar.

Shinerama is one of those things you hear about all the time but don’t actually know what it is. There are currently no events listed on their website, but stay tuned. A while ago we tweeted about how if your team wins their little contest Shinerama, not only do you get a TROPHY but you also get a FREE PIZZA PARTY! University students, as we always say, are essentially the same as second graders.

Anyway, behold the wonderful powers-that-be over in the President’s office while they try to explain what, exactly, Shinerama does. Is? Oh, man, we sat through like three meetings about this…

And Now: our skilled scientific analysis.

this is a very peculiar photo.

Who are those sexy hunks of sex appeal? these mysterious morph suit men? The Confidential Investigative team reports.

We’d recognize those chiseled abs on Blue Steel any day. Combined with his head size shape, Blue Steel is definitely Ben “The Sitaution” Cappellacci, one of UBC’s most eligible bachelors (NB: We said it first, Kate and Darrell). Which means our taller, oranger, chuckling friend could only be… El Rico Suave, Elin Tayyar? Way to expand those portfolios, boys.

Also going on our totally eligible & totally copyrighted list: Shinerama Hottie (Nicole? um, we totally missed her perky, charitable name in all the excitement). In this screenshot, she’s totally captivated by the morph men…one of whom seems a little, er, excited.

it happens to everyone at one time or other...

sell that cause, sweetheart. sell it reeeaaalll subtle.

Let the memes begin! There’s already a YTMND (yeah, seriously).

Your Sporadic Dose of News for Noobs

Long time no post! We won more moniez, Taylor is back (with less memes and more sparkles), people are storming some goddamn wall on campus, Gossip Girl aired, and it’s almost summer. Here’s a rundown of what is happening/a bunch of rumours in the sextacular AMS.

Secrets, secrets are no fun…

AMS Council had some super secret location discussing some super secret things where the sexy media isn’t allowed. We speculate that half of the meeting will be spent discussing strategies on how to become as popular in the UBC world as Justin Bieber & Perez Hilton are in the real world.

yes, taylor’s back… (her idols at perez’s birthday a few days ago)

After the jump we have some sexy Toope, the no alcohol at Koerner’s shit, and a clusterfuck of AMS rumours…

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