Course Format

This course is designed to be taken as a self-directed online open course with course content as open education resources for Asian-Pacific region.  The entire or ‘parts of’ each course are welcomed to be repurposed in current and other courses and programs to support flipped, blended, and online learning.

The entire course includes 9-12 weeks with self-paced learning and self-testing at the conclusion of each module. It is envisaged that each module will require 3-4 weeks to complete, allowing for about 50 hours of reading and effort to complete each module (about 13-17 hours per week). The course requires about 150 hours of total time commitment to complete the three modules.

The resources can be accessed online by anyone at anytime. Participants will learn through a self-directed learning approach. All course activities are self-directed and will not be graded. There will be no instructor-student communications. A unique feature of this course is the Knowledge Café, where forum discussions among course takers/students can be found. This page features posts where course takers/students can interact with each other to exchange their ideas and insights about the topics discussed in the course.