Module III Objectives

The first objective of this module is to clearly identify the drivers of plantation development globally and to understand the different characteristics of plantation forests when compared with primary and secondary forests. The second objective is to understand the steps taken in establishing a plantation enterprise encompassing plantation purpose, matching species to site, and establishment techniques. The third objective is to understand the principles of either growing more wood through nutrient addition or growing higher valued wood through thinning and pruning silviculture of established trees.

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the characteristics of plantation forests that set them apart from natural forests.
  • Explain the steps in plantation establishment including the factors influencing choice of species.
  • Discuss the influence of site and soil factors on site preparation techniques.
  • Discuss ways in which site resources can be managed to improve plantation growth.
  • Apply the principles of nutrient cycling to the application of fertilizer nutrients for increasing plantation productivity.
  • Explain the principles of thinning and pruning practice for increasing the value of plantation-grown timber.