Course Structure

The course is organized into three Modules, and each is comprised of three topics as shown in the table below. Each module typically consists of background information, online video lectures, reading resources, and reflection questions. The topics in each module are as follows.

Module 1: Forest Ecology

Topic 1: Forest Regeneration, Tree and Stand Growth
Topic 2: Forest Productivity: Carbon Cycle
Topic 3: Forest Productivity: Nutrient Cycles

Module 2: Degraded forest systems

Topic 1: What is Degraded Forest?
Topic 2: Restoring Degraded Forests
Topic 3: Measuring Success of Forest Restoration

Module 3: Forest Plantations

Topic 1: What Is a Forest Plantation?
Topic 2: Forest Plantation Establishment
Topic 3: Managing Plantations to Regulate Yield

We strongly advise you to study the topics in the order that they are presented, but remember that it is always possible to return to any topic to review it.