Course Materials

The course draws on a range of resource materials that are available online or from university libraries. The materials include peer-reviewed journal articles, e-books, and reports by government and non-government agencies. Some readings are included in the course materials on the course website. Although the resources are available online, access to all materials will require subscription to a ULS (University Library System), as is granted to students enrolled in tertiary courses, such as bachelor or master degrees. Some materials are available through open access websites, such as Google Scholar.

Examples of textbook readings:

Pretzsch H. 2009. Forest dynamics, growth and yield [electronic resource]: from measurement to model / Hans Pretzsch. Berlin; London: Springer. 2009 ISBN 9783540883074

Lamb D., Madsen P., and Stanturf J.A. 2012 A Goal-oriented approach to forest landscape restoration. In World Forests. Dordrecht: Springer. 2012 ISBN 9789400753372 ebook: 9789400753389

Sarre A., Maginnis S., and Rietbergen-McCracken J. 2007. The Forest Landscape Restoration Handbook (eBook). Earthscan ISBN 9781844073696. Ei ISBN: 9781849773010

Whisenant S.G. 1999. Repairing damaged wildlands. A process-orientated, landscape-scale approach. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780511053016

Perrow MR, Davy AJ (Eds). 2002. Handbook of ecological restoration. Volume 1 Principles of Restoration. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0521791286

Walker, L.R., Walker, J., Hobbs, R.J. 2007. Linking restoration and ecological succession [electronic resource]. Springer, New York. ISBN 9780387353036, 0387353038

Evans J. 2004. Plantation forestry in the tropics: the role, silviculture, and use of planted forests for industrial, social, environmental, and agroforestry purposes. Oxford Univ. Press, 3. ed. XIII, 467 S., Ill., graph. Darst. ISBN: 0-19-850947-2, 0-19-852994-5

Examples of articles from journals:

Ciancio, O., and Nocentini, S. (2011). Biodiversity conservation and systemic silviculture: Concepts and applications. Plant Biosystems, 145(2), 411-418.

Peng, S. L., Zhou, T., Liang, L. Y., and Ren, W. T. (2012). Landscape Pattern Dynamics and Mechanisms during Vegetation Restoration: A Multiscale, Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Approach. Restoration Ecology, 20(1), 95-102.

Examples of government and non-government readings:

WWF Living Forests report