Module II Objectives

The first objective of this module is to discuss the need for forest restoration arising from forest degradation and deforestation caused by human activity. We will start with the background to forest restoration – why it is needed, and discuss key terminology and concepts of forest condition. The second objective is to review the methods for forest restoration, and ask students to investigate examples from tropical and temperate regions of the globe. The third and final objective is to investigate ways to monitor and measure the success of a forest restoration project.

Upon completion of this module, you should be able to:

  • Describe the background for the need for forest restoration globally, and be able to identify the properties of degraded ecosystems.
  • Discuss the social dimensions of forest restoration, and identify different reasons for restoration activities.
  • Differentiate among different types of forest restoration, restoration strategies, and methods.
  • Describe a range of indicators of forest restoration success.
  • Prepare a forest restoration management plan.