Ethical Implications

Is badger culling for bTB control in Great Britain ethical, according to these different theories?


  • Advocated by Peter Singer
  • What is it?
    • Cost-Benefit analysis to choosing actions
    • Best moral action maximizes utility and minimizes total suffering
  • How does badger culling stack up with this theory?
    • May be considered ethical if there eventually is a net benefit of decreasing bTB prevalence

Rights Approach

  • Advocated by Tom Regan
  • What is it?
    • Animals have inherent rights as individuals
    • Animals should not be considered as resources by society
  • How does badger culling stack up with this theory?
    • Likely not considered ethical as culling badgers goes against these animals’ inherent rights to live
    • Raises question of whether society has the right to decide which animals get to live or die

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