The Cull


What is the current situation?

  • Rapid outbreak of bovine tuberculosis in cattle in Great Britain
  • 14.3% cattle infected in Southwest Britain
  • 6.4% cattle infected on average for rest of country
  • All bTB-positive cows MUST be culled (euthanized for disease eradication)
    • Due to potential risk to humans
    • To prevent infectious spread to other cattle
  • Major losses to producers that need to cull livestock herds
  • Taxpayers -> $$
  • British government implements policies to cull badgers

Why cull badgers?

  • Badgers deemed significant wildlife vector for bTB transmission to cattle

Why is it so controversial?

  • Badgers not only bTB source
  • Scientific reports question effectiveness of current badger culls to stamp out bTB
  • Negative welfare implications to badgers from method of cull


Read on to find out more about badger culling in the UK…

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