Calypogeia muelleriana




Calypogeia muelleriana is typically located in very moist areas on soil and rotten logs.





Overall Structure:



Calypogeia muelleriana is typically a green color and irregularly branched.




It has incubous leaf insertion.




Leaf Structure:


Lateral leaves are unlobed, assymetrical, and incubous. Here is a photo of a lateral leaf.

Underleaves are shallowly bilobed.






All leaves contain segmented oil bodies and chloroplasts.







Rhizoids may be found intermixed amongst the bilobed underleaves.





The sporophytic generation of Calypogeia muelleriana has a characteristic marsupium. This white pouch is located on the undersurface of the liverwort, penetrating the substratum.


The mature sporangium is elongate.  Spores are released via four lines of dehiscence of the sporangium.