Class Oedopodiopsida

Oedipodium griffithianum plantsThe striking resemblance of the morphology of Oedopodiopsida’s sporophyte and gametophyte to other species, in different classes, has caused incorrect classification. For instance, Oedipodium has a sporangial neck having a hypophysis, similar to species of Splachnaceae.  Due to this commonality, Oedipodium has been placed in Splachnaceae in the past, however it’s correct classification is in Oedopdiaceae.

The family Oedopodiaceae has leaves that are clustered in rosettes close to the stem base. Leaves typically have one costa. The leaf cells have small corner thickenings. Stems are erect. Commonly, asexual reproduction occurs by disk shaped bodies that may be located on protonema and among the sexual organs embedded in rosettes of leaves.

Oedipodium griffithianum sporangiumSporangia are symmetric and have a long neck. The calyptrae are cucullate, meaning it is shaped like a hood.