Intro Lesson and Fieldtrip to Stanley Park

When you first view the virtual fieldtrip don’t get overwhelmed with  organism names.  This video is intended to give you an idea of diversity and introduce you to the general structure and reproduction of mosses and liverworts.  We will be revisiting these topics as we proceed through the course.  Enjoy!!!

Sites in Stanley Park of some interesting Bryophytes – Map
Goblin’s Gold – link

List of Bryophytes in the order they appear in the video (don’t worry about knowing them…yet… will become more familiar with them as the term goes on…..)
Link to pdf version
 – Pdf

Note: Green = moss; Blue = liverwort

Species Name Common Name
Plagiomnium insigne Badge Moss, Coastal Leafy Moss
Dicranum scoparium Broom Moss
Dicranum tauricum Finger-licking-good Moss
Broken Leaf Moss
Hylocomium splendens Step Moss, Stair-Step Moss, Splendid Feather Moss
Rhizomnium glabrescens Fan Moss
Isothecium stoloniferum Hairy Tree Moss
Leucolepis acanthoneuron Menzie’s Tree Moss, Umbrella Moss, Palm-Tree Moss
Kindbergia oregana Oregon Beaked-Moss
Kindbergia praelonga Slender-Beaked Moss
Claopodium crispifolium Rough Moss
Orthotrichum lyellii Lyell’s Brittle Moss
Porella navicularis Tree Ruffle Liverwort
Buckiella undulata
aka Plagiothecium undulatum
Snake Moss, Wavy-Leaf Moss, Tongue-Moss, Wavy Cotton, Moss
Tetraphis pellucida Four-toothed wonder
Pogonatum contortum Contorted Pogonatum Moss
Polytrichum urnigerum Common Hair Cap Moss
Schistostega pennata Goblin’s Gold, Luminous Moss
Fontinalis antipyretica Water Moss
Fissidens limbatus Herzog’s Pocket Moss
Pleurozium schreberi Red-stemmed feathermoss,
Schreber’s big red stem moss
Sphagnum Peat Moss
Pellia neesiana   Ring Pellia
Riccardia sp. Comb Liverwort
Conocephalum salebrosum Cat Tongue Liverwort
Atrichum sp. Atrichum Moss , Crane’s Bill Moss (for Atrichum selwynii)
Lepidozia reptans   Little Hands Liverwort
Hypnum circinale Coiled-Leaf Moss
Lophocolea  sp. Crestwort
Bazzania denudata   Naked stem liverwort
Scapania bolanderi Yellow-Ladle Liverwort, Pleated Earwort
Scapania undulata Water Earwort
Calypogeia azurea Blue Pouchwort
Cephalozia bicuspidata Two-Horned Pincerwort