Lophocolea cuspidata




Lophocolea cuspidata may be found in sunny or shady sites on rotten logs, trees, cliffs, or mineral soil.




Overall Structure:

Lophocolea cuspidata is green in color and is firmly attached to the substratum.  Shoots are flattened, creeping, and irregularly branched.

Lateral leaves of individual shoots are shallowly bilobed and sharply pointed. The lobed underleaves are tiny and hidden amongst rhizoids.


Male Gametophyte:


Perigonial branches contain antheridia capped by reduced leaves with bases that buldge.






Individual antheridia are spherical, green, and have a stalk.




Female Gametophyte:



Within the toothed-edge perianth are archegonia and mucilage cells.








Sporophytes develop and mature under the protection of the perianth.






This photo shows a young sporophyte within a perianth.







Once mature, the sporophyte emerges from the perianth via seta elongation.







After elongation of the seta, the sporangium opens via four lines of dehiscence to release spores.






Hygroscopic elaters aid in dispersal of spores.






The sporangium has brown thickenings on the jacket cells.