Bazzania denudata




Bazzania denudata may commonly be found on organic substrates such as tree trunks and logs, humus, wetland margins.






Overall Structure:


Bazzania denudata is very thin and colors vary. Loose turfs of evenly forked shoots are formes.





Leaves are cauducous, meaning the fall off easily.  This characteristic is great for identifying this species in the field.





The dorsal side of a shoot:

Lateral leaves are two-pronged to entire and may have several apical teeth. Lateral leaves curve at the tips towards the substratum.




The ventral side of a shoot:

The underleaves have blunt teeth at their apex.





Close-up of an underleaf.







Leaf cells contain complex oil bodies.




Postical branches (arising from the ventral side of the shoots) are common; they help to anchor the shoots.  Rhizoids may be present on postical branches.