Rhytidiadelphus loreus



Rhytidiadelphus loreus is common in coastal forests floors and hanging baskets.  Rhytidiadelphus loreus can also be found on rotten logs, rocks, or epiphytically on tree bases.




Overall Structure:


Rhytidiadelphus loreus is pleurocarpous. The shoots are coarse and grow as loose mats of interwoven, brownish-green or green plants with red stems.





Leaf Structure:

The leaves are falcate-secund and glossy.  Each leaf is cordate shaped with a folded apex, and a pleated at the base. There are no costa.



Sporophytes are irregular.  The sporophytes are red-brown when mature. A mature sporangium is glossy and subspherical.







Mature sporangia are hard, glossy, subspherical, and inclined.