Funaria hygrometrica Hedw.


Funaria hygrometrica is a common greenhouse weed. Funaria hygrometrica may be found in burned-over sites on bare and disturbed soil which is high in nitrogen. Not surprisingly, therefore, gardens and abandoned agricultural sites are also common sites in which to find this moss.


Overall Structure:

Funaria hygrometrica, young sporophytes

Funaria hygrometrica is an acrocarpous moss. The short, glossy, yellow-green, and bulb-like shoots for small, loose, tufts.





The sporophytes are commonly present in spring and summer.


Funaria hygrometrica sporangiumWhen mature the sporangia are grooved and the annulus curls off the sporangium, aiding in release of the operculum.





Funaria hygrometrica sporangia with opercula Release of the operculum exposes the peristome teeth. The sporangium has stomata with a slit surrounded by guide cells.

Funaria hygrometrica calyptra






The long-snouted and cucullate calyptra is shaped like a sleeping cap.




Funaria hygrometrica calyptra (SEM)








The seta is curved and to aid in the dispersal of spores, the seta twists and curls in response to moisture.