Bryum argenteum Hedw.


Bryum argenteum is common moss of urban areas. Plants commonly grow in cracks in pavement, on mineral soil, stones, but also in more natural habitats.







Overall Structure:

Bryum argenteum forms glossy, silvery turfs on the substratum.





The densely-packed erect shoots of Bryum argenteum are distinctly “worm-like” in appearance.  





Leaf Structure:

The small leaves have a single costa that extends into a short point at the leaf tips. The laminal cells are smooth, thin-walled and not differentiated from those at the leaf margins.






Asexual Reproduction


Gemmae may be found in the leaf axils near the apex of shoots.







Sporophytes are green when young and reddish-brown when mature, usually in spring.








Sporangium is nodding due to a bend at the apex of the seta. The sporangia in the photographs are immature.