Leucolepis acanthoneuron (Schwaegr.) Lindb.




Leucolepis acanthoneruon is typically located in shaded sites. Growth commonly occurs on damp and rich soil over rocks, rotten logs, humus, the lower portions of tree trunks, and occasionally on lawns.





Overall Structure:

Leucolepis acanthoneuron exhibits acrocarpous growth.  Shoot clusters form loose and tall tufts. Individual shoots are small, palm tree-like, and dark-green.

Leaf Structure:


The leaves on the main stem are whitish and narrowly triangular.



Male Gametophyte:



A rosette of leaves surround the antheridia and paraphyses. These structures compose the perigonial head.





Young perigonial shoots develop in the spring.





Female Gametophyte:

Similar to male shoots, a rosette of leaves surround the archegonia and paraphyses.




The sporophytes commonly mature in the spring.







Spores provide a healthy snack for little slugs, as seen in this photo.







The sporangia and seta are red in color. The sporangium is nodding and has peristome teeth.

This sporangium is immature.







Seta cross-section












Hydrome (central conducting cells)