Pleurozium schreberi



Pleurozium schreberi prefers drier climates along the coast with acidic and poor soils.  Other habitats include sterile litter, rock and cliff ledges, tree bases, and bogs.





Overall Structure:


Pleurozium schreberi, commonly known as “red-stem” moss, has shoots that are pleurocarpous. Shoots form loose mats on the substratum, have a pinnate branching pattern, and have a red-tinged color.



Leaf Structure:



The leaves are broadly ovate and contain a short double costa.






Leaf tips are apiculate, meaning the point is short and abrupt. The margins of the tip are also curled over.




The stem is red in color, contributing to the overall red-hue of the shoots.


Sporophytes are dark red-brown when mature. Maturation commonly occurs in summer or autumn.




The sporangium commonly has a ‘C’ shape. The peristome is composed of an exostome and endostome.