Dicranum tauricum Sapjegin


Dicranum tauricum can be found growing on rotten logs, epiphytically on trees, and tree stumps in coniferous forests. Dicranum tauricum may also rarely be located on cliffs.






Overall Structure:

Dicranum tauricum is an acrocarpous moss that forms  clusters of small green tufts on the substratum.





Leaf Structure:

The leaves are rigid and straight.







Asexual Reproduction

Dicranum tauricum, sometimes referred to as “finger-licking-good-moss,” has very brittle leaf tips which likely serve as asexual reproductive structures.







Sporophytes are uncommon.


Dicranum tauricum sporophytes







Dicranum tauricum sporangium with calyptra








Dicranum tauricum sporangium with operculum







Dicranum tauricum sporangium, old

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