Buckiella undulata (Hedw.) Ireland


Buckiella undulata may be found along streams and in coniferous forests. Substrata include humus, rotten logs, moist soil and rock (rarely).







Overall Structure:

Buckiella undulata exhibits a pleurocarpous growth form. The shoots are irregularly-branched and distinctively flattened.




Some common names for Buckiella undulata include “snake moss”, “wavy cotton moss” and “tongue moss”.





Leaf Structure:

As suggested by its specific epithet, the leaves of Buckiella undulata are undulate, meaning they are “wavy”.





Buckiella undulata leaf base

A double costa extends less than a quarter up the leaf from the base. Laminal cells are elongate.






Buckiella undulata cross-sectionThe stem has a central conducting strand and a cortex of parenchymal cells.  An epidermis encloses the stem.






Mature sporophytes are red-brown and can be found in spring.







At maturity, the red-brown sporangia are grooved. Peristome teeth are white.





The seta is grooved and long when fully mature.