OOE13 Twitter chat on OER

From Sept. 2013 to May 2014 I helped co-design and facilitate an open, online course for educators (Open Online Experience 2013)  on topics ranging from connected learning to digital literacy to digital storytelling to open education. The domain we had is no longer kept up and has some other website on it, so you can’t get information there. But you can see a couple of other posts about it under the OOE13 category here on my blog

In this post and the next one I’ll be pasting in Tweets from Twitter chats we had in April of 2014, when I was in charge of that month’s topic, open education. Now that storify.com is going away, I need to archive what I had there, here on my blog!

OOE13 Twitter chat on OER, April 23, 2014


First question: what are OER?

Second question: Have you used OER?



Is OOE13 itself an OER? Have we made it clear that the materials created for OOE13 are openly licensed?

Open versus free; using an open license versus making your work public

Question 3: Where to find OER?

Question 4: Have you created any OER?

Last question: how might you convince a colleague to create OER?